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Stephanie Nickson

Stephanie Nickson is a channeler and intuitive wire wrap artist who creates custom crystal jewelry pieces to amplify the wearer’s abilities and assist them on their life path and soul mission. She pulls from the Akashic Records what each person needs specifically from the types of crystals used to the intentions within each weave.

Stephanie has perfected her work over the past 11 years out of Hobbs, New Mexico, and her pieces are featured in a variety of shops in Albuquerque, New Mexico as well as Sedona, Arizona. She is passionate about crystals, their properties, the energies of Mother Gaia, and sharing her talents and knowledge with the collective to connect with the nature and consciousness of the planet to a further extent. Stephanie has been on the spiritual path most of her life and utilizes her wisdom through her jewelry to assist you in healing, unlocking new gifts, and shifting you to a higher vibrational version of yourself.

Showcase of Work

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